Story of Hurt Score Update


“The Story Of Hurt”, A feature film by E.P.Davee, is in Post Production and i’ve been working on the score with Joe Haege. He and I have been sending files back and forth, recording sounds and weirdness, creating Sound Design and linking this all together with the help of my good friend LOGIC. Also, Jason Edwards, of Newkrackle Audible FX, has begun to ambience, ADR and Sound Design , which is now integrated heavily into the score.  Type Foundry Recording is a big open space that has ended up creating a ton of the sounds here in the score. When I started to work on this project, it occurred to me to actually create an entire “palatte” of organic sound that I would then use as the main source material for the score. I ended up using the 24 track 2 inch tape machine pitched up at high speed to record the pump organ, piano and a bowed banjo, violin and guitar to create drones. Once they were tracked at high speed I pitched them down to low speed to stretch the tones. These became the basis for what is now the “palatte” for the Story of Hurt.