Sound Design Vs. Score Part 5 : Nightscape Dyno Session


April 7, 2011. Sound Supervisor/ SFX man Jason Edwards (newkrackleaudiblefx) set up a recording session at Loyning Machine Shop to use the Dyno for the cars that will be featured in the film Nightscape. So I took advantage of this and headed over to get my own recordings of some key sounds that I would integrate into making the score. I grabbed many sounds from both cars as they were both on and off the dyno (the El Camino and a ‘57 Studebaker):  ideling, doors opening and closing, slams, trunks, interior growl, under the hood, fan belt, radiator hum, and mostly tho, the fantastic sound of the studebaker hitting heavy RPM’s on the dyno. This is a car that sounds amazing especially at high speeds!!!  So Jason was micing the car from every nook and cranny for his own sound design but he and I have decided that much of the “score” for the film and the “sound design” for the film could at times be one in the same. The idel of the cars could be low interior drone, doors slamming and hum of belts cold become instruments throughout. Will people actually be able to hear that these sounds ARE the sounds of the cars from the movie?? Maybe not. But we will. And have you ever heard a ‘57 Studebaker going 110 MPH pitched down to 20 BPM and looped into a delay that swarms a scene through a cafe?