Sound Design or Score? pt 3

Fred - Sound Design or Score? pt 3 : an ongoing series of questioning.

MARCH 19, 2010


I am lucky to be working on the score for the short animation piece from Misha Klein (working title Fred). Misha and I have gone in a few directions trying to determine what the best way to “score” Fred will be. First it was full of musical cues and now its… er… So it is coming together now… but I question once again, Score or Sound Design. This time I am wondering what is Score? 
After spending a few days down in the “lab” tweaking and morphing organic found sounds and created weirdness (a toy tube spinning in circles, a harmonica drone to tape that is pitched down, scratches from a large bass bow on an old time banjo… again to tape at high speed then pitching way down), I started to drop in these little characters to Fred and now, its feeling like a life might come from it. Funny thing, it is “Score” from a technical perspective… but then again when the wallpaper starts to peel off the wall in Barton Fink, is that Sound Design?