Richmond Fontaine

NOVEMBER 03, 2010


Tomorrow is the beginning of the Richmond Fontaine album. It is one of those rare things when one gets to spend a month recording a band that you’ve loved for longer than you can remember. That is what happens starting tomorrow. Moving to Portland in 1997, I first saw Richmond Fontaine at EJ’s. It was always difficult to see at EJs’, but this night I could make my way through the crowd to watch. Seeing them live made that band forever a place holder in my musical development.  Since then much overlap has occurred. Dave Harding, to my great fortune, played bass in Tracker for a long time. Touring, to and fro on behalf of the Tracker barbque.  Willy sang on “Everything is Beautiful” and even performed with me live during the release show. Back at the Satyricon, Tracker opened a show for RF and played a cover of “Everywhere I’m not” by Translator. I remember Willy came up to me and said “I love Translator!” Man, I think WV is the only one to this day that ever knew who that was. Perfect. Tomorrow it is a good day.