Menomena Gives Birth to Another

Menomena gives birth to yet another

APRIL 10, 2010


Otherwise known as “Jonah in the Whale”, this is a photo of Brent Knopf giving birth to my son Jonah and into the hands of doctors Danny Seim and Justin Harris. We used this photo, way back in the day, for the promo shoot for Menomena’s first publicity push for FILMguerrero (yes. I did own and operate said record label out of my basement for years).
Now, FILMguerrero lives up in Seattle at its new(ish) home Barsuk Records and I was recently handed an advance copy of Menomena’s 4th album due out sometime this summer. 
I can say, as I have done each time I received a new album from Menomena, that i’m totally stoked and think it is really great. I’m just glad to hear their music again, especially knowing it means a new batch of shows and always amusing interviews. I just hope they ask me again to take their band photo.