Laurie Speigel

Laurie Spiegel (via Pitchfork)

JUNE 18, 2013

I stumbled on this amazing article from December 2012 in Pitchfork about Laurie Speigel written by the great Simon Reynolds (so I’m paraphrasing this all from his article).  Speigel was an elemental explorer of analog-electronic music and music-computer programming. Her music traveled to space in both the Voyager missions (on The Gold Record), she developed her own music creating software (the Music Mouse program for early Mac and Atari computers - “Music Mouse-The Intelligent Instrument”) and Speigel had (has) an amazing insight into the future of the “retro” fad and electronic music (her article “On the Nostalgia Boom” from a 1990 New York Times predicted the notion of free,sharing, digital music).  So now I am obsessed with her but I will let Simon be the one to explain the importance of her work and her role as a woman in music. Read more…