Daniel Freytag loves cacti

AUGUST 13, 2010


Its late for a Thursday night.  It is 245am and I am home after faking my way through a mastering favor,  (I am NOT a mastering engineer!!), then mixing the 2nd to last song for Sabrina Velazquez (I really love this album we’ve been making), and then sorting through some amazing gear from Wayne Sabback that is going to make its way into the Scenic Burrows wonderworld for a little vacation (an La2a, Telefunken U47, U47FET, 1073’s and so even another piano).  But to get to the point, I started poking around HUH magazine and found this photograph byDaniel Freytag.  The goodness that comes from not knowing where you are going. And… there is a succulent on the table. Ah the good fortune of finding a cacti in the Alps.