CONTENT Bwana Spoons and his Smart Car

CONTENT_bwana Spoons and smart car

NOVEMBER 12, 2012


CONTENT, the fashion installation at the Ace Hotel, happened tonight and Cory Gray and I did a music collaboration with Bwana Spoons.  Bwana did an amazing room for SMART car and asked for music to accompany. The result requires two ipods to play 2 tracks simultaneously (not necessarily in sync), at lower volume, and looping.  Cory Gray got the ball rolling with the all the melody and parts and all the really nice stuff. I remixed Cory’s mix and added various things, guitars, bugs etc…, and had it run long so it would always offset Cory’s shorter mix. The best part was getting to see CONTENT in full swing. It is a part of Portland I don’t ever see or even know about. A lot of good looking people with a lot of talent. Here are the two tracks thus far. Play both of them at the same time. In order to do so , you ‘ll need two Browser windows open at the same time.  Good luck.