A nice Film Fest discovery: “MARS” by Geoff Marslett

As things would have it, there I was in Bend for the Film Fest, watching the screening of “Fred” by Misha Klein, and directly following was a movie called“Mars” directed by Geoff Marslett (Monkey Vs. Robot).  The minute the music started, a scratchy acoustic sound and kick drum that comes from the room and the wood not the beater, I looked to find Howe Gelb is starring in the movie and sure enough he has done all the music. That guitar…I’d recognize it anywhere and the kick drum is that of John Convertino. As would make sense for the “Monkey vs. Robot” director, my total comic-hero James Kochalka is in the movie.  More links for your cruise:  filmscience.com

And from the films website: 
Who’s out there? Why do we care?
And what is love??

MARS is a uniquely animated romantic comedy about astronauts and robots falling in love on their way to the red planet. Told in the playful style of a graphic novel, MARS is equal parts character driven story, homage to our galactic neighbor, and exploration of why we explore. See more at: swervepictures.com and filmscience.com
*Featuring Mark Duplass, Zoe Simpson, Paul Gordon, Cynthia Watros, Michael Dolan, Liza Weil, James Kochalka, Howe Gelb and Kinky Friedman
**Written and Directed by Geoff Marslett
***Shot in Austin, Texas